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[sticky post] Welcome to my world!

Hello!  I'll be using this journal, my FIRST LJ, for Lolita purposes and to hopefully SOON host posts regarding the jewelry, accessories and hair jewelry that I'll be offering on Etsy, under the same name.  

I have earned a reputation among my friends as "needing" to "BLING" everything... why not?  They sell Swarovski flatbacks by the GROSS... so I should use all of them, right?  I'm dangerous with a tube of E-6000!

I made ALL my previous posts private as I went through some very dark times with anorexia nervosa and its ilk and rather than delete the entries, because they happened, I've hidden them.  I don't like the person I was during that time "down the rabbit hole".  I've grown from it, but I don't need to or want to look at it.

My main journal for fan nerding and the more personal details is still havocmangawip.

All entries here will be public from now on unless personal details and locations for meet up planning are included.

So here we go!  

Let's start with the most recent picture of "Valen"Tino! :D

It's starting to be "crunch time" for ACen.  I am so incredibly excited!  The con runs from the 27th - 29th... we'll be in Chicago from the 26th until the morning of the 30th.  I think!

I've been working on coords, dusting off cosplays and in general trying to get my act together.  I'm also skating a lot and doing a lot of yoga.  Izumi Curtis needs to be bad @ss. :)  I've finally got guns to bring to the gun show.

I'm so excited about seeing old friends and meeting up with some new ones.

Speaking of that, NYC on Wednesday!  Wheeee!  I have some tentative places that I'm mapping out. Since I am getting into the city at o'dark thirty, I'll have no problems getting to "Donna Bell's" bakery when they open at 7:30. :)  It's co-owned by Pauley Perrette, who plays "Abby Sciuto" on N.C.I.S. The menu is drawn almost entirely from her mother's recipes.  So cool!

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